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Oreo Works with Jay Chou to Salute the Classics

  1. The fifth "Tmall Super Brand Day" witnessed a major upgrade of Oreo's playfulness in terms of flavor, fun and appearance.
  2. Oreo invited its new brand ambassador Jay Chou and launched limited edition music box that collects his classic songs.
  3. Oreo introduced peripheral products for the first time to strengthen its band assets.

Shanghai, May 25, 2020—Oreo, known for having best-selling products on the e-commerce platform, never fails to deliver new interpretations of its classic slogan, "Twist, Lick and Dunk" appealing to consumer preferences. On the fifth "Tmall Super Brand Day", Oreo launched an intense online marketing campaign to inject a breath of fresh air into its spirit. Jay Chou became the new brand ambassador of Oreo, and introduced his fans to a limited edition music box that collects his classic songs. The brand also introduced Jay Chou-style milk-tea cups as well as the brand's fashion apparel at Mondelēz's flagship stores, which streamlined the production supply chain of the non-biscuit category for the first time. Furthermore, as a tribute to the classics, five artists were invited to present an unparalleled special art exhibition composed of 50,000 pieces of mini Oreo at the crowded XuJiaHui subway station in Shanghai.

Joost Vlaanderen, President of Mondelēz Greater China, said: "The 'Tmall Super Brand Day' has become one of the most significant annual events for Mondelēz's e-commerce team and Oreo. Our 5-year cooperation with Tmall so far has been exciting and audacious, as we have always thought outside of the box and created new classics one after another. Oreo's brand concept is not only about being delicious, but also about having fun together. We want to make Oreo a media to bring people closer, so that family members and friends can have fun and share happiness together. Now our China team is implementing Mondelēz's consumer-centric and high-speed development strategy to exceed consumers' expectations. Our efforts are paying off as Nielsen data shows that Mondelēz biscuits hit a 7-year high in terms of market share in the first quarter of 2020 FY, which significantly boosted our confidence."

Oreo co-stars with Jay Chou for an unmatched chorus of classics

Jay Chou, in the new season of Oreo's TV commercial, plays a dad who shares a fun and sweet moment with his daughter in their daily life. He masters the classic "Twist, Lick and Dunk" maneuver to magically create an Oreo that can never be eaten up out of the only piece left for his daughter. When Sweet, one of his classic songs plays, the audience is excited to see the parental side of their superstar.

Holly Yuan, Vice President of Biscuit Marketing at Mondelēz Greater China, said, "It is quite meaningful for Oreo to invite Jay Chou to be its new brand ambassador. First, it has been 2 decades since both Jay Chou and Oreo made their debut in China. Jay is not only a super-popular Chinese music star whose classic songs remain bestsellers today, but he is also a new father, which resonates well with our target consumers. Last but not least, he is a guy with great playful spirit and good at ‘playing’ in many fields including basketball, performing magic tricks and fashion, which offers infinite possibilities for the collaboration between this classic brand and classic idol."

Oreo decided to launch Jay Chou-style “Limited edition music box” that collect his famous songs Sweet and Nunchakus. The customers can take a bite of Oreo to switch a song for the melody of his memory. Oreo also introduced new lyric biscuit boxes and milk-tea cups inspired by Jay Chou, which sparked a digital buzz and attracted numerous fans on the e-commerce platform.

"Best player on earth": Hats off to the classics with 50,000 Oreos

The advertisement industry in China was stunned by the epic video of Moving Forbidden City Constructed by 10,000 pieces of Oreo last year. This year, Oreo developed that innovative concept into an offline artistic masterpiece. On 18th May, 42 creative designs were unveiled at XuJiaHui subway station in Shanghai. As a perfect reminder of one generation's youth, they were mosaicked from over 50,000 pieces of real mini Oreo, and included a huge poster of Jay Chou and the covers of some of his famous albums, including Jay, Ye Huimei and I'm Busy. Invited by Oreo, five artists took 25 days to complete these designs, and now they have made the station an Internet-famous landmark.

The exhibition, based on the pixels made by the black-and-white Oreo biscuits, reminds the consumers of their stories related to Oreo and Jay Chou from an overview perspective. It's also worth mentioning that this time, Oreo stuck to the concept of environmental protection and low carbon lifestyles and paid much attention to the use of materials, so it only used expired biscuits for the offline exhibition.

Anything is possiblewith Oreo: Fashion peripherals first introduced

There were more surprises from Oreo. In addition to all the yummy, fun and appealing products, it now offers "wearable products" under the brand of Oreo. They are the first batch of official peripherals introduced by Oreo, including Oreo bags, vintage T-shirts for lovers, parent-and-child dresses, creative brooches and fashionable bucket hats. As an ever-popular brand, Oreo makes a smart integration of fashion design and vintage mood to gain rave reviews from customers and many new fans in addition to creating a digital buzz.

Mondelēz's flagship store has also sold "Oreo Milk-Tea Cups" exclusively since the "Tmall Super Brand Day" was launched. They include "Milk Tea Mates", such as Oreo powder and cubes, which are new products for 2020, and considered to be an ultimate demonstration of "Anything Is Possible with Oreo". Moreover, Jay Chou's limited-edition peninsula iron box and lyrics Oreo boxes were also introduced to the market so that the consumers can recall the lyrics while eating, getting closer and having fun together.

Data empowers the cross-category marketing

The "Tmall Super Brand Day" is turning from a distribution channel to a popular platform for consumption upgrading. Its outstanding performance in the last four years greatly boosted the company's confidence in the e-commerce platform. Therefore, Oreo continued to rely on Tmall's advantages of big data to witness an expected and dramatic sales increase on the fifth "Tmall Super Brand Day". Based on Tmall's big data, Oreo analyzed its online sales and consumer groups and targeted the right consumers – young mothers and white collars. They take up a large portion of the stores' customers and their numbers are increasing very fast. In addition, the white collars also include mothers and post-90s consumers.

Oreo always takes GenZ (the Z generation born from 1995 to 2009) as the main target customers for its brand rejuvenation. Related data shows that they prefer customized fashion products and sportswear. Meanwhile, taking up a larger proportion of the fans of Jay Chou, they are also of a generation that grew up with his songs and Oreo. Therefore, we leveraged the cross-category marketing strategy to boost the sales and stimulate the driving force for the brand's sustainable growth.

In addition to bringing forth new product experience, Oreo also cooperates with Tmall Innovation Center(TMIC)to test the pricing of the peripherals and the consumer groups' preferences. In this way, the brand can precisely identify the target audience and price ranges, establish the new category online quickly, make precise contact and promotion to the target customers with Tmall's precise marketing platform and data bank, and bring unlimited and direct fun to consumers.

As a classic black-and-white sandwich biscuit brand spanning one century, Oreo remains true to its playfulness, which still has the potential for new ways even today. Now, on the fifth "Tmall Super Brand Day", Oreo teamed up with Jay Chou to salute the classics and bring back your sweet memories. That's the footnote of the new brand spirit -- Oreo is your plaything that can be picked up anytime, and you can play all the possibilities with Oreo and get closer to each other.