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belVita has been proved to be a low-GI food

2019.9.17, Beijing--The 2019 China Glycemic Index (GI) International Conference took place recently in Beijing. The attendees held heated talks on a wide range of topics including Chinese and international GI regulations and standards, testing methods, research status, product development, GI-labeled foods and their promotion, the clinical application of low-GI food and weight management, as well as the prevention of/education on diabetes revolving round the current situation of healthy food and the health condition of people in China. belVita, the breakfast biscuit of Mondelēz China, was the only low-GI biscuit showcased at the conference.

According to statistics, China already has 114 million people with diabetes and 493 million people with prediabetes. This is a heavy medical burden on society. In July 2019, the State Council set up the Healthy China Promotion Committee and issued the Healthy China Action Plan 2019-30. The Opinions of the State Council on Implementing the Healthy China Action make clear that people's health is an important sign of a prosperous, rich and strong nation, and that prevention is the most economical and effective health strategy.

belVita, a low-GI breakfast biscuit, has high-standard nutritional ingredients, including five different grains. Every 100g of biscuit contains approximately 70g of grains, of which about 20g are whole grains, as well as carefully selected vitamins and minerals, to ensure that each biscuit is both delicious and nutritious. The slowly digestible starch (SDS) in the biscuit is regularly and continuously released throughout the morning, producing a moderate glucose and insulin response. belVita has been proved to be a low-GI food by tests conducted among the Chinese population by the Joint International Laboratory for the Research & Testing of GI. This product has long been recognized as a low-GI food in Australia and other countries, and is printed with a low-GI symbol on its trademark for easier recognition by consumers.

Introduced by Mondelēz to China in 2015, belVita is an important brand of the company and is leading the growth of healthy biscuits. belVita is designed specifically for breakfast targeting people who seek a nutritional balance. Nutritious and delicious, it is a convenient choice for a breakfast that provides energy throughout the morning. Available in over 40 countries around the world, belVita is a healthy biscuit that is already loved by consumers in Europe and the United States.