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Stride Accelerates Growth through Innovation with Unstoppable Passion

  • Stride Launches Waves to Drive Growth in the Market Segment with Disruptive Innovation
  • Brand Ambassador William Chan Examplifies the Unstoppable Passion

Beijing, August 8, 2018 – Today, Mondelēz China launched Stride Waves, a new series of gum products in Beijing. Managing Director of Mondelēz China, Mr. Joost Vlaanderen along with other senior executives of the company and Stride brand ambassador William Chan attended the event to unveil this eagerly anticipated new product.

Stride Waves targets the “sensory enjoyment” segment in the gum category, and draws inspiration from the candy category to make gums even more appealing and tasty, driving not only this market segment but also the whole gum category to achieve growth. The event created a cool navy blue Stride world for guests. Under the “unstoppable waves” vibe provided by the product, William Chan led four crews to create unique fashion styles to demonstrate the product’s “Lang“ spirit representing the unique, funky culture of young people.

Accelerating growth through product innovation, Stride aims to drive the development of the sensory market segment

Mondelez China Managing Director Joost Vlaanderen delivers speech at the launch event

At the opening of the event, Mr. Joost Vlaanderen, Managing Director of Mondelēz China, delivered a speech in which he pointed out that in the vibrant China market where the demands of consumers are rapidly changing, accelerating growth through innovation is an important strategy for Mondelēz China. “Today, I’m very excited to bring this breakthrough new product, Stride Waves to Chinese consumers, and demonstrate our accomplishments in product innovation,” he said. “Mondelēz China will be more agile and more Chinese to play in the China market, offering tailor-made, innovative products, so that we not only meet the needs of our consumers, but also lead the trends in the marketplace.”

Introduced to China in 2012, Stride gum of Mondelēz International’s brand portfolio already targets the sensory enjoyment market segment, which has built an innovative, young and trendy image in China and gained much love among young Chinese consumers. Data from Nielsen shows that “sensory enjoyment” is the only market segment that has been growing quickly in recent years, and Stride is the main force driving this segment’s growth. Ms. Heddy Yuan, Marketing Vice President, Gum, Candy & Powder Beverage at Mondelez China, said in an interview afterward the launch: “Stride Waves also targets the sensory market segment while crossing over into the candy category to offer unprecedented enjoyment in all spectrum including look, taste, texture and vibe. We want to use the continuous waves of fruity flavors to more profoundly demonstrate long-lasting enjoyment that just can’t stop. This is another disruptive breakthrough of Stride.”

Unstoppable Stride Waves strongly demonstrates a young and trendy brand image

Mondelez China Managing Director and Stride brand ambassador William Chan show Stride Gesture to audience

This year, Stride achieved tremendous success on social media and online with marketing that highlighted its young, innovative and trendy image to the utmost. Whether inviting William Chan to be its brand ambassador or engaging in close cooperation with the sensational online dance competition show “Hot Blood Dance Crew (HBDC)” (which created a "Stride Crew" and a signature "Stride Gesture"), Stride has demonstrated that it really understands the culture of young Chinese people, and it has the power to create and lead new trends. As Heddy Yuan commented, “Stride Waves is another confirmation of Stride‘s grasp of the younger generation’s culture, while continuing to offer Strides' long-lasting taste and 'unstoppable passion'.”

Mondelez China executives and William Chan together unveil Stride's new product Waves

At the product launch moment, amid the rising expectations of the participating guests, the four flavors of Stride Waves appeared on the multiple big screens surrounding the stage, to an enthusaistic recepton from the audience. The new product comes in Mango Peach, Passion Fruit, Cooling Lemon, and Peppermint, and it features a special cube shape, dynamic bouncy texture with a crispy coating, and a unique candy-like vibe. And, last but not least, continuous waves of fruity flavor brought by its flavor beads.

Heddy Yuan, Marketing VP, Gum, Candy & Powder Beverage at Mondelez China and William Chan introduce the new product highlights

Following the product launch moment, Stride’s brand ambassador William Chan was invited on stage to share his love for Stride Waves. During his interaction with the MC he said: “As the Stride brand ambassador, I’m extremely happy to be able to unveil Stride Waves. I just love the fruity enjoyment that comes in one wave after another. Being ‘Lang’ is love for life, the pursuit for freedom, and challenging the stubborn or the rigid. Young people are supposed to be ‘lang’, to be brave enough to express themselves and pursue their passion. It’s a great honor for me to represent Stride to promote its unique brand spirit to fans and consumers.” With the unstoppable waves of excitement brought by Stide Waves at this event, William Chan with four crews of young people representing the four different flavors of Strike Waves had a remarkable style makeover. With different dances and performances, each crew showcased their unique interpreation of the "Lang" spirit, giving the audience wave after wave of pure enjoyment.

Stride Waves is already available in supermarkets and convenience stores in major cities as well as the online flagship stores of Mondelēz China on major e-commerce platforms such as and

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