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Working Together to Help with Poverty Alleviation and Spread Love

  • Key companies in Xuhui District join hands to support Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province
  • Mondelēz China donates 30,000 packs of belVita breakfast biscuits

February 28, 2018, Shanghai—The “Help with Poverty Alleviation and Spread Love” program initiated by the Hengfu Industrial Promotion Center, which is part of the Xufang Group located in the Xuhui District of Shanghai, was launched today in response to the call by the Xuhui District Government to support Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province. Ten key companies in the Xuhui District have responded to the call by making donations to help local poverty alleviation efforts. As one of the first companies to make a donation, Mondelēz China loaded 30,000 packs of belVita breakfast biscuits onto a delivery vehicle, which started up and departed for Honghe, witnessed by leaders of the Xuhui District and Shanghai officials stationed in Yunnan to provide support for the locals. A representative of the Yunnan Nutrition Society also attended the departure ceremony.


The companies of Xu Hui district have proactively responded to the initiative together Shanghai’s Xuhui District has designated Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province as the region to which it is offering assistance through one-to-one pairing programs. Learning that the first vehicle carrying donations would be departing soon, Mr. Sun Xiaodong, Director of the Cooperation and Exchange Office of Xuhui District, came to the site to cheer on those companies. He expressed sincere gratitude to the companies and organizations participating in the poverty alleviation efforts on behalf of the district government, saying: “We can’t win the battle against poverty without the support of various parties in our society, especially without the involvement of socially responsible enterprises. In recent years, we have launched various campaigns such as ‘Shanghai Companies to Yunnan, Yunnan Products to Shanghai’, ‘Ten Thousand Companies Help Ten Thousand Villages’, and ‘Buy One Kilo of Rice, Add One Piece of Brick’, which were overwhelmingly participated in by companies in the district. This time the donations were initiated by Xufang Group and Mondelēz China. Companies are providing support for targeted poverty alleviation and elimination efforts through actions, and from this we can see the strong sense of social responsibility of these companies, as they want to give back to the society. I sincerely hope that more companies will get involved in the poverty alleviation and elimination efforts, to help speed up the progress, and to enable more households to escape poverty and enjoy better lives as soon as possible. I hope that you can join hands with us to do a good job on this matter, to enable people living in poverty to really benefit from our efforts, to put companies in the spotlight for their charitable deeds, and to make new and bigger contributions on the journey of building a moderately prosperous society.”   

Sun Xiaodong, Director of the Cooperation and Exchange Office of Xuhui District making a speech at the donation ceremony

Early in the morning, employees of Mondelēz China began to load belVita breakfast biscuits onto the vehicle. Afterwards, Mr. Fu Yue, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Mondelēz China, who attended the event on behalf of the company, said in his speech: “Mondelēz China and the belVita brand actively responded to the ‘Help with Poverty Alleviation and Demonstrate Our Care’ initiative, and this has been also highly praised and recognized by the General Party Branch of Mondelēz China. They often educate the top management that building a moderately prosperous society is the fundamental goal of socialism with Chinese characteristics and ask the company to carry out the Party’s and the Government’s various poverty alleviation and elimination initiatives. ‘Increasing influence’ is an important cornerstone of Mondelēz International’s strategy. As Mondelēz employees, we have a responsibility to care for the less fortunate in society, to give back to communities, and to help make the world a better place. As one of the companies in the Xuhui District, while running our company properly, we also address the nutrition and health requirements of young people. Our next plan is to bring the ‘Mondelēz Hope Kitchen’ program supported by the Mondelēz International Foundation to schools in regions where we provide one-to-one assistance too. Addressing the nutrition and health of children in those regions is also our responsibility and vision. I hope that the 30,000 packs of belVita breakfast biscuits we donated this time can provide healthy and delicious nutrition to children in Honghe.”

The departure ceremony

Later on, witnessed by the guests who were present at the event, and amid the applause and cheers of Mondelēz China employees, the truck carrying the 30,000 packs of belVita breakfast biscuits departed for Honghe. The Yunnan Nutrition Society, the recipient of the 30,000 packs of belVita breakfast biscuits, will distribute them to schools in the Honghe Prefecture’s Yuanyang County, Luxi County and Pingbian County, which will in turn distribute them to the children. 

Companies who made donations to the poverty alleviation and elimination efforts also included: Williamson-Dickie Apparel Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Aden Hotel Services Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Jingtian & Gongcheng Shanghai Branch, Curlysue Shanghai Co., Ltd., Maxim's Caterers Guangzhou Limited Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Simmons Bedding & Furniture Sales Ltd., Konica Minolta (China) Investment Ltd., and Shanghai Hengfu Economic Development Co., Ltd. The representative of each company also pledged to “help with poverty alleviation and spread the love” at the event to demonstrate their determination and enthusiasm to eliminate poverty, and based on their own capacities will deliver what is needed to each area in Honghe.