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Mondelēz China Encourages DIY Charity by Its Employees

Dec 1, 2017, Shanghai –Mondelēz China's "Joy Force" has been running for nine years, and it is a major event for the company each autumn. This year, Mondelēz China changed its usual way of organizing its charity activities by launching a public welfare activity themed with "Let's DIY Together". This year, employee volunteers can freely form teams and engage in public welfare activities of their own choosing based on their interests and daily observations. In this way, each employee was able to contribute in their own way and it allowed charity activities to blossom in many more places.

Stephen Maher, President of Mondelēz China said during the activity, "One important cornerstone of Mondelēz's international strategy is to grow our impact. We are all duty-bound to care for the community we live in, and protect the environment on which we rely, so as to make the world a better place. This year, our colleagues were very enthusiastic when we began to discuss plans for the public welfare activity. They all had plenty of brilliant ideas and suggestions to share. So we decided to let our employees take the initiative in this activity and allow them to decide, plan and carry out their own public welfare activities. We hope that this will help inspire everyone to engaging in public welfare activities and establish a close and friendly team relationship. I hope that we can affect more people by starting from ourselves and with small things."

This year's "Joy Force" activity took place in 15 communities across six cities and regions: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Yushu in Qinghai province. Employee volunteers from Mondelēz China showed their love and care through such activities as visits to Mondelēz Hope Kitchens and schools for the children of migrant workers, helping the elderly in communities, environmental protection in communities and the delivery of care packages. Since the launch of the employee volunteer activity in 2009, employees from Mondelēz China have devoted approximately 27,000 hours in total to volunteering.

Around the world, Mondelēz International urges all colleagues to embrace the #Power Hour Challenge#, which calls for each employee to contribute at least one hour to volunteering. Apart from this, Mondelēz China also continues to give economic assistance to help communities thrive. It is also deepening the construction of "Mondelēz Hope Kitchens" and expanding the "Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Program" for students in underprivileged areas as part of its ongoing efforts to effectively push ahead with projects of public interests.

Beijing: Employee volunteers from Mondelēz China revisited Yuehe Primary School in Tongzhou District, where one of Mondelēz's Hope Kitchens is located, and interacted with children to raise their awareness of the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle.

Suzhou: R&D employee volunteers from Mondelēz China (Suzhou) gave lectures on trash recycling along the canals in the old town areas of Suzhou and collected garbage along the canal sides.

Suzhou: Employee volunteers from Mondelēz China cared for the elderly in communities and passed on their love to them.

Chengdu: Employee volunteers from Mondelēz China joined students from the resettlement areas in Chengdu in planting succulents and sowing their seeds of hope.

Guangzhou: Employees from Mondelēz China donated 149.2 kilograms of second-hand clothes to public welfare organizations to assist people in need. This also aims at reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide on the Earth.

Yushu, Qinghai Province: Employee volunteers from Mondelēz China sent stationery and warm clothes to students in the Central Boarding School in Jiqu Town, Nangqian County, Yushui, Qinghai Province.