Mondelēz China Wins HR Award for Innovative WeChat Recruitment | 2017 Press Releases | China | Mondelez International, Inc.

Mondelēz China Wins HR Award for Innovative WeChat Recruitment

The awards ceremony for the China Recruiting and Staffing Value Awards organized by the HR Excellence Center (HREC) took place in Shanghai last week. About 200 companies were represented at the event, with nearly 100 of them competing for the awards. Among those awards, the most eye-catching, as it was the only one that was won by a single company, was the Best Recruitment Channel Management Award, won by Mondelēz China. 

During the past few years, Mondelēz China has won many awards cementing its reputation as one of the best employers in the country. This year it attracted attention by winning the prestigious recruitment management award. 

As a matter of fact, like other companies, Mondelēz China recruits employees through many different channels. But the award for best recruitment channel management was recognition of Mondelēz efforts to effectively utilize its own platform and system to open up new avenues for employee recommendations over a period of almost a year.   

The recruiting team at the HR department of Mondelēz China realized that candidates recommended by employees were a better fit for vacancies and they tended to have a greater tendency to be hired. Therefore, they sought to improve the employee recommendation system to enhance recruitment efficiency. But the challenge was how to motivate employees to make recommendations. The solution was a recruitment ad posted on the company’s WeChat account, as long as an employee forwarded the company’s recruitment message to a friend or posted it on their WeChat Moments, he or she would be able to receive a WeChat “Red Envelope”. It turned out that many employees were willing to play this “game”. 

This initial success encouraged the recruiting team to try more things using the WeChat platform. First of all, they posted a recruitment message for each vacancy on the WeChat platform, so that the candidates could apply for positions that were right for them directly via WeChat. Then, to encourage the company’s internal employees to repost the recruitment messages for hot positions and recommend candidates that might be appropriate, the company sent promotion cards to employees, analyzed the key nodes where the employees used the WeChat recruitment system, and adopted different methods on different nodes to motivate the employees to recommend candidates. 

After that, Mondelēz China looked at the Sales Force Automation (SFA) system for recruitment. As the company has a large number of sales representatives who are widely distributed, it is very hard to authenticate the WeChat accounts of these employees, and as a result, there were very few people from the sales team recommending candidates. After talking with each internal team, the IT team very quickly completed the connection between the WeChat recruitment platform and the SFA system and thus built a new embedded platform (WeChat + SFA). With that, once a sales representative accessed the SFA system, he or she would be able to recommend candidates easily. In less than one year, the authentication rate of the company’s employees on the recruitment platform is already close to 50 percent.

Mr. Stephen Maher, President of Mondelēz China, said: “Mondelēz International’s strategy is to grow our people, grow our business, and grow our impact. By winning the Best Recruitment Channel Management Award from HREC, I was excited to see that our HR team has effectively unleashed the power of big and small, by combining their work with the company’s strategy to attract great talent while increasing the influence of Mondelēz China. We will also make continued efforts to build the best workplace and allow every employee who has joined Mondelēz China feel that they really belong to this family.”