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Mondelēz China Gives its Full Support to Shanghai National Nutrition Week

May 18, 2017 -- The third National Nutrition Week campaign is currently taking place across China with the theme of "Whole grain, Nutrition+". The Shanghai Nutrition Society also hosted the "National Nutrition Week Launch Ceremony for the Shanghai Stop" at Fuxing Park in Shanghai on May 14. Mondelēz China, the global snack powerhouse and strong advocate for a balanced diet, healthy snacking and getting more exercise, took part in this nationwide nutrition campaign. Besides offering consumers wholegrain belVita breakfast biscuits, it also invited nutrition professionals to university campuses to inform the faculty and students about the nutrition, taste and health benefits that cereals have to offer.

Why have wholegrain foods received so much attention? Such foods preserve almost all the natural nutrition of grains, including a wide variety of B-group vitamins, vitamin E, iron, manganese, zinc, calcium, selenium and other minerals, fatty acids, oligosaccharides, phytosterols, phytic acids, as well as dietary fibers and a variety of antioxidants. Owing to the health and synergy benefits of individual components, wholegrain foods can reduce, to varying degrees, the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal tumors and other diseases and help control body weight. Considering the spread of chronic and non-communicable diseases across the globe, the products and research related to whole grains are gaining more and more attention thanks to their health benefits. According to data from the China Nutrition and Health Monitoring, the whole grain intake of adults in China is 14.2 g, only accounting for 3-7% of the total of all grains.

belVita is one of the product brands under Mondelēz China and was developed with a high standard nutritional profile. belVita breakfast biscuits are widely favored and recommended by nutrition experts, because they contain five kinds of selected whole grains, including wheat, barley, oat, rye and buckwheat, and are mixed with granule of fruits and nuts. These biscuits are made through a special gentle baking process, and contain rich natural nutrition including dietary fibers. Scientific experiments have proven that belVita breakfast biscuits can provide the vitality needed for the whole morning by slowly releasing carbohydrates. The biscuits come in packages of 10 g of whole grains. With the minimum recommended amount set at 50g, they can meet 20% of the recommended daily whole grain intake, and are therefore a new choice for breakfasts that are nutritional, tasty and convenient. Since its launch into the market, the biscuits have been  widely recognized and praised by consumers.

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