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Mondelēz China Contributes Happiness to Kids’ Healthy Growth

Mondelēz China Contributes Happiness to Kids’ Healthy Growth

Shanghai, October 24, 2016 - October 24, 2016-- Mondelēz China kicked off its annual Volunteer month "Joy Force" Campaign as scheduled nationwide. The volunteers seek to boost children’s sense of happiness and their consciousness of health by combining education with entertainment and interacting with the students, while continuing to advocate the Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles with the construction of more Hope Kitchens and the promotion of the Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Program.


Meanwhile, Mondelēz China’s employee volunteers visited the Hope Kitchens that were newly built and renovated this year. A total of seven Hope Kitchens donated by Mondelēz China and its partners across the provinces of Guizhou, Hubei, and Heilongjiang have started operations one by one over the past month. In addition, Mondelēz China maintained and updated their first 20 Hope Kitchens in Anhui and Hunan provinces, to ensure their quality and sustainability.


 “It has been eight years since the first Hope Kitchen was built, and I am pleased to see that great improvements have been made to the healthy growth of the students in China’s rural areas, as well as more and more attention to it by a number of businesses,” said Stephen Maher, President of Mondelēz China, “Each and every one of Mondelēz China’s employees is making constant efforts to create a delicious fill of happiness for the world and they are spreading this positive energy to more and more people each day. I can’t describe how proud I felt about the ‘Joy Force’ Volunteering Campaign the moment I knew the children acquired happiness from our program.”

Mondelēz China’s employee volunteers have served more than 26,500 hours accumulatively since the volunteer activity was launched in 2009. During that time, the company has built 307 Mondelēz Hope Kitchens and 50 Delicious Veggie Gardens across China, benefiting more than 150,000 students in this country’s rural areas.