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The Mondelez Hope Kitchen program provides best practice to education authorities to improve the nutrition of rural students thru in-curriculum nutrition & health courses

Beijing, China, September 1, 2015 – To better implement the Nutrition Improvement Plan for Rural Compulsory Education Students and to enhance management personnel's abilities in providing scientific instructions, conducting standardized management and promoting nutrition education, specific training was provided for Yunnan-based management personnel in Kunming in late August.

During the training, experts from the National Institute for Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) imparted professional knowledge and skills on how to pair foods, promote nutrition and health education, prevent food safety problems and make quick responses to emergencies. A total of 300 management personnel from local education authorities and disease control centers across Yunnan participated in the training and communicated about related experience with each other.

Notably, representatives from the Student Nutrition Office of Longyang Education Bureau, take Mondelez Hope Kitchen – Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Program as a best practice, shared their experience and feelings about the nutrition and health education in Longyang over the last year.

A teacher with the name of Chen Xiaoling from the Jinji Township Primary School of Yunnan Province told us, "Before taking the course, many students did not like milk or eggs. Now, after knowing the nutritional benefits of milk and eggs, they not only drink milk and eat eggs, but also start to have a more balanced diet."

Jointly initiated by the Mondelēz International Foundation, Mondelēz China and the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) in August 2014, the Mondelēz Hope Kitchen-Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Program mainly aims to help develop active, happy, and healthy lifestyles for rural students starting from a young age through nutrition education, delicious veggie gardens, and active play, to promote their balanced development. So far, this Program has been implemented in 110 MHK schools, benefiting up to 55,000 students. Currently, 10 MHK schools in Longyang, one of the pilot districts/counties under this program, have included the nutrition and health courses into their teaching plans, and provided special training for local nutrition teachers, nutrition specialists and cooks with the support of China CDC expert team, and held a variety of physical activities for the students. The new concept introduced by this program has gained high attention and strong support from local education authorities. In Longyang, teachers from 60 central schools, including those from the above-mentioned 10 MHK schools, were invited to take part in the related training, which accelerates the popularity of the nutrition and health courses in the whole district and reflects the spillover effects of this program.

China CDC's researcher Zhang Qian said, "Focusing on the promotion of nutrition education and physical activities, the Mondelēz Hope Kitchen-Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Program mainly aims to foster local nutrition specialists and teachers by the joint efforts of enterprises, social organizations and experts, thereby enabling them to provide related education through multiple forms mainly based on the nutrition and health courses. Since this program was launched a year ago, great achievements have been made. Hope that all participant can make continuous efforts to explore appropriate models for nutrition and health education, thus to provide scientific suggestions on government policies for improving rural students' nutrition."