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Leading Gum Brand Trident Makes Its Debut in China Wallace Zhong Plays "Clean Melody"

Beijing, June 25, 2015 – The launch ceremony of the leading gum brand Trident was held in Beijing today. As one of the famous gum brands launched by Mondelēz International, a global snacking powerhouse, Trident is very popular all over the world, and its formal entry into China will bring a brand-new clean and fresh feeling to local consumers.


At the launch ceremony, the first TVC of Trident tailored for the China market was released, and the brand ambassador Wallace Zhong walked onto the stage in a creative way, as he just seemed to come out from the ad screen. The audience all felt excited by the unique beatbox show that highlights the clean and fresh feeling of Trident, and the sound "CHI CHI Z" has become an onomatopoeic word for chewing gum, implying that chewing Trident can bring unique oral clean feeling. As Trident has hit the China market, the brand will definitely be very sought after nationwide.

"Mondelēz International is a snacks company well received by consumers. We are always committed to bringing our delicious products to China. The value of the gum market in China has reached over RMB 10 billion, and we believe that it still has huge potential. We will continue to keep Trident's global popularity by fully developing market channels in China and by bringing new experience to local consumers." Mr. Stephen Maher, President of Mondelēz China, said at the launch ceremony.

Leading Gum Brand Trident Launched in China to Bring Brand-New Clean and Fresh Feeling to Local Consumers

On June 25, the first TVC for Trident was released at its launch ceremony. With clean and fresh waves appearing on the TVC screen, the stage was turned into a wonderful, blue world with amazing light and shadow effects. Then the brand ambassador Wallace Zhong came onto the stage by taking a special-designed Trident elevator, and it seemed that he just walked out from the TVC screen, which brought a big surprise to the audience. Surrounded by the clean sea, Mr. Stephen Maher, President of Mondelēz China, Ms. Holly Yuan, Director of Gum and Candy Categories at Mondelēz China and Wallace Zhong lighted up the Trident packaging tin, marking its formal entry into the China market.

Ms. Holly Yuan said, "Trident will bring not only a world-famous gum brand, but also a brand-new clean and fresh feeling to Chinese consumers. Wallace Zhong always builds up image of a sunny, healthy, clean and fresh man, just coinciding exactly with the brand essence of Trident. We hope that the star power of Wallace can help promote the brand's attitude and concept to more consumers and invite more people to experience the clean feeling brought by Trident together."

Trident Ambassador Wallace Zhong Plays the "Clean Melody," Shares His Cleaning Habits, and Advocates New Lifestyle

As the brand ambassador of Trident, Wallace demonstrated how to chew the Trident gum, played the "Clean Melody," and even shared his secrets about how to maintain oral clean with the audience. He said, "No matter in everyday life, at work or on social occasions, a clean and fresh feeling can help me show the best and feel confident to take on challenges. So I always carry some Trident gum with me and ''CHI CHI Z" it whenever I want to chew the clean feeling out. I myself really like the hyper-mint flavor. I think keeping oral clean also reflects one's attitude toward life. Chewing Trident gum before work, after meals and during party time will make me feel comfortable, remain in the best condition and show respect to others."

As Trident has been available across China, its slogan "clean feeling, chew it out!" will provide new perspectives on gum for local consumers. In the near future, the sales and channel performance of Trident is expected to inject new vitality to the gum market and help reconstruct the gum industry landscape in China.


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