Share an OREO, Let Imagination Fly!

Share an OREO, Let Imagination Fly!

  • Gary Cao Sang the Theme Song of OREO "Wonderfilled"
  • OREO Brought About Fantastic Moments

Beijing, China, September 10, 2014 - Themed at "Wonderfilled", a new season of activities for OREO, one of the world's leading biscuit brands, was launched today in The One Club, Beijing. The One Club was decorated into a colorful and dreamy OREO world. Golden Melody Award-winning singer Gary Cao (Cao Ge) sang the theme song "Wonderfilled" at the launching ceremony, and his affectionate and vivid performance brought great joy to all the distinguished guests.


With a history of more than 100 years, OREO has always been not only a delicacy for numerous kids, but also a brand bringing happiness and fantastic moments to everywhere in he world. Since OREO entered China 20 years ago, the brand has helped numerous Chinese families "Twist Open the Bonding Magic!" and create an emotional bond between parents and their kids. By launching the new brand theme "Wonderfilled," the company hopes that OREO could, with the power of sharing, unleash the inherent curiosity and imagination of parents and their kids and encourage them to see the world in a different way, as in this imagination world, life will be full of wonderful possibilities for childhood happiness.

At the launching ceremony, Alexis Jacquand, VP Marketing of the Biscuit Category at ondelēz China, said, "The theme of these upcoming activities is an important breakthrough in the brand promotion for OREO. The small sandwich biscuit will no longer be designed exclusively for kids, but will be switched from som ething that parents would buy for their kids to an emotional bond for the whole family and community. OREO knows about the bond between mums and kids, and knows even better about the kids' world, which is full of imagination. We hope that the power of sharing could help more and more people let out their childish self deep inside and let their imagination fly. The imagination opened up by sharing will not only bring joy for mums and kids, but also form a new world for everyone else."

The senior executives of Mondelēz China and Gary Cao jointly sparked the light of "imagination" to initiate the new season of activities themed at "Wonderfilled" for OREO. Watching Gary Cao's affectionate and cheerful performance, the distinguished guests fully experienced the new world brought out by OREO, in which everyone just shares and tastes the delicacy of OREO and let their imagination fly.

"Daddy Chips" - Gary Cao showed unlimited imagination with joyOn the stage with imagination and a dream-like atmosphere, Golden Melody Award-winning singer Gary Cao sang the theme song "Wonderfilled", which aroused the curiosity of all the audience to explore the splendid possibilities brought out by the power of sharing in life. As a father of two lovely kids, Gary Cao already demonstrated his unique parenting style during a reality TV show. He himself also developed the "Three-Character Classic of the Cao's" to teach his kids to learn the value of sharing. This coincides with OREO's brand equity of "sharing".

When talking about the theme song for OREO, Gary Cao said, "Kids' world is full of imagination that would inspire me in life. For example, my nickname 'Daddy Chips' was given by my daughter Grace, as she thought that my hair just looked like chips when I tied it up. So I always said that my kids are my teachers from heaven, because they can inspire me in both daily life and music composition, and let me see the world in a different way to come up with the simplest, purest but greatest imagination and take pleasure in them as well."

At the ceremony, Cao also created a great moment for his daughter Grace by giving her a sweet surprise in the form of a creative 4th birthday cake made of OREO biscuits. When making the birthday cake, he joked, "My kids and I are really like an OREO biscuit, and I am the filling that bonds them together. In the reality TV show, many fans would find that Grace is very close to me and Joe is jealous about that sometimes. So I think my kids should know the meaning of sharing better than other kids, since they need to share one dad from the beginning. For this reason, I often tell them that every kid in the Cao family must know how to share with others and set a good example in this respect."

Share an OREO to let imagination fly

During the upcoming half-year "Wonderfilled" campaign, OREO will bring consumers different surprises every month. For example, the MTV commercial first sung by Gary Cao for OREO will be aired in mid-September to inspire everyone with its cheerful rhythm, and to promote the random remaking of the theme song online later; on the Internet platform, OREO will team up with leading media partners to launch multiple creative, interactive programs to allow each consumer to unleash their imagination and get inspiration in life. Offline, all the stores and stands selling or displaying OREO products will be decorated anew featuring the "Wonderfilled" theme, which must be exotic and refreshing to the customers. In addition, to wrap up the campaign, OREO will provide a dream-like hot air balloon ride. If you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to let your imagination fly in the blue sky with white clouds.