OREO Initiates “Twist Open the Bonding Magic!” Social Campaign | 2013 Press Releases | China | Mondelez International, Inc.OREO Initiates “Twist Open the Bonding Magic!” Social Campaign

OREO Initiates “Twist Open the Bonding Magic!” Social Campaign

OREO and Director Feng Xiaogang Encourage Families All over China to Enjoy Everyday Bonding Moments


Shanghai, China, March 14th, 2013 – Did you twist open the bonding magic with your child today? As a trusted brand that has been a part of bringing parents and children together all over the world, OREO announced the launch of the nationwide social campaign, “Twist Open the Bonding Magic!” today. The year-long campaign encourages parents to enter their children's world every day and enjoy their unique bonding moments, during which parents can see children's smiling faces and enjoy unparalleled satisfaction and happiness. In full recognition of this idea, the world-famous director Feng Xiaogang will join hands with OREO as the joint advocate. He will not only direct the TV advertisement of “Twist Open the Bonding Magic!” to encourage families all over China to join the campaign but also shoot a micro movie named “Oreo - Bonding Magic in China” based on the selected most touching parent & child stories from Chinese families.

Shawn Warren, President of Kraft Foods China, stated that over the past 16 years, OREO has been committed to facilitating the interaction between Chinese parents and their children, and the well-remembered way of “Twist, Lick, and Dunk” has created precious bonding moments for millions of Chinese families. Last year, at the 100th birthday celebration of OREO, it advocated “Celebrate the Kid Inside!” This year in its 101st year, OREO is launching “Twist Open the Bonding Magic!” social campaign, which explores parent & child relationships with an aim to encourage and celebrate everyday moments of togetherness and happiness in every Chinese family. As a president and father of 3 young boys, Shawn kindly reminded parents of the fleeting time with their children and encouraged them to cherish and actively create everyday moments of happiness with their children.

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