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1,000 Kraft Foods China Volunteers Make A Delicous Difference For The Communities In China

Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou/Jiangmen/Huazhou/Chongqing/Chengdu/Suzhou, China -October 8, 2011 – More than 1,000 employee volunteers of Kraft Foods China walked into the communities today in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Huazhou, Chongqing and Chengdu cities and Hebei, Anhui, Hunan, Liaoning and Jilin provinces to make a delicious difference in their communities. They went to rural schools, schools for children of migrant workers, children's welfare homes and homes for the elderly, to share delicious experience and care for over 12,000 needy children and people around the country.  

"Make a Delicious Difference Week" is a global community initiative of Kraft Foods since 2009. Every year on from October 3 to October 8, Kraft Foods employees are encouraged to put down their work for a day to do community service where they live and work. This initiative is designed to fight hunger and promote healthy lifestyles in a variety of ways to meet the needs of communities around the world, and practice the company's global mission statement - "Make Today Delicious". This year, 30,000 Kraft Foods employees from 60 countries signed up to volunteer during the week; In China, the employees organized 21 volunteer events in 13 provinces and cities. "We're unleashing the power of our global workforce to make a real difference in the communities where we live and work. It will undoubtedly be our biggest and most impactful week of volunteer service ever!" Said Mr. Shawn Warren, President of Kraft Foods China, "Our employees play a vital role in their communities all year long – expanding the Kraft Hope Kitchen project and caring rural kids and people in need. The Delicious Difference Week has become a celebration of our year-round commitment to making an impact in communities around the country. Enthusiasm for the event has never been higher." When the Delicious Difference Week first began in 2009, slightly over 150 employees were involved. The number more than tripled to 570 employees in 2010. This year, more than 1,000 employees and 40 volunteers from business partners rolled up their sleeves for community service.

Shanghai Yongmei Primary School is a school for children of migrant workers. Located in Hongmei South Road in Minhang District, it has 1,400 students. The morning of October 8, Kraft Foods China announced the official kick-off of a brand-new Kraft Hope Kitchen in the school. It is the first Kraft Hope Kitchen that is launched in schools for children of migrant workers. According to Mr. Warren, "Kraft Hope Kitchen is aimed at improving nutrition and diet of children in rural areas. Since 2009 we have been working with China Youth Development Foundation and have established 110 Kraft Hope Kitchens in rural schools in six provinces. Our project has enabled over 60,000 children to enjoy nutritious and hot meals every day in schools. The purpose of today's new Kraft Hope Kitchen is to call society care for children of migrant workers in Shanghai, in order that they have as much opportunity for healthy growth as urban children do. " Apart from unveiling the new school kitchen, volunteers are also engaged in sharing knowledge on nutrition, hygiene and health in classrooms and through outdoor games with the children. Some of the volunteers taught pre-school children how to eat safely. An added bonus to the Yongmei Primary School came in the form of painting the schools' boundary walls. One of the world's three largest coating companies, the Sherwin-Williams company donated its exterior wall coating products for this event; Safe Kids Worldwide provided the Kids Safety Tool Kit for pre-school kids.

Today was also the day on which the first "Kraft Hope Kitchen Delicious Vegetable Garden" at Shiwan Primary School in Huazhou City, Guangdong Province is declared open. It is built on the strength of voluntary donations from Kraft Foods China employees.  The Delicious Vegetable Garden is also a concerted effort by volunteers of Kraft Foods China, the school's administration and the China Youth Development Foundation. Occupying a land area of 2,000 square meters, the garden is equipped with its own irrigation source and fencing. Organic fertilizers are used for planting of vegetables. It even engages the services of local agricultural technology stations for technical advice. Kraft Foods China's volunteer representative, Ms. Zhu Lin said: "The Delicious Vegetable Garden is a bold innovation and attempt under the Kraft Hope Kitchen project. Our dream is for every Kraft Hope Kitchen to be complemented with a Delicious Vegetable Garden. Children can learn to grow vegetables in the Delicious Vegetable Garden and experience the joy of labor. They can also get to taste vegetables planted with their own hands. In this way they will learn to protect the environment as well as respect agricultural production." Ms. Wang Jie, Vice President, Research & Development, Kraft Foods China, was understandably excited about the garden, not least because of the fact that on the company's "Family Day" in June this year, Ms. Wang and her family won the naming right for the garden with a bid of RMB 15,000.  Ms. Wang said that the word "Delicious" in the Delicious Vegetable Garden implies an extension of the Kraft Foods' vision of "Make Today Delicious" to the garden. There are 10 business partners in Guangdong province today to do volunteer work in the school side by side with Kraft Foods volunteers. The volunteers helped the children spread fertilizers in the garden and taught them about nutrition and food safety through classroom and outdoor games.

In Sichuan's Chengdu, nearly 40 Kraft Foods volunteers from Mianyang and Ziyang revisited the Kraft Anti-earthquake Care School in Zhongjiang County. The school was built with voluntary donations of RMB 880,000 from Kraft Foods China following the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. It was officially opened on May 10 last year in the presence of the Kraft employee representatives.  This time the volunteers brought building block toys of the nutrition pyramid as well as books and sports equipment. They also helped the children beautify the school boards. "Last year the Kraft volunteers added a library to the school with their book donations. After one year we think it is time to bring them new books. The place is not far from where we work. To visit them several times a year and add books and stationeries for them is the least we can do." said Ms. Zhang Yan, Sales Director for Southwest Region, Kraft Foods China.

Regardless of the location, Kraft Foods volunteers make sure to explain the "Balanced Nutrition Pyramid for Chinese Residents" to the school children. They also disseminated knowledge on healthy and balanced nutrition and diet through posters, building block games and outdoor games, etc. "The nutrition pyramid is the foundation on which children build the pyramid of their lives. We hope that they will possess healthy body and mind and possess a proactive attitude in order for them to be an integral part of the society as well as build their own 'happiness pyramid'," noted Ms. Che Fei, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Kraft Foods China.

Kraft Foods is dedicated to fighting hunger, improving nutrition and promoting healthy lifestyles around the world.  In the past 25 years, it has donated more than US$1 billion dollars in cash and food to communities.  Since 2005 Kraft Foods China has contributed in excess of RMB 30 million to charitable causes. The funds were used towards disaster-relief efforts, as well as to help rural children improve their nutrition. In 2009 Kraft Foods China partnered with China Youth Development Foundation on Kraft Hope Kitchen project. By the end of 2011 there will be 150 Kraft Hope Kitchens. They will help provide hot and nutritious meals on a daily basis to not less than 75,000 children.

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