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Kraft Care School Opens Today;Staff Volunteers Deliver Their Care to Sichuan

Kraft: Care and love is still necessary two years after the Wenchuan Earthquake

(May 10th, 2010, Sichuan, China) On the two year anniversary of the “May 12th” Wenchuan Earthquake, the Kraft Care School in Lianhuayan Village, built with the assistance of Kraft Foods (China), was formally completed and opened in Lianhuayan Village of Taiping Countryside Area, Zhongjiang County, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. 30 staff volunteers from Kraft’s Shanghai HQ went to Sichuan. They donated books, sports kits and Kraft’s food products to the school students on behalf of Kraft Foods (China), and participated in interactive class activities with the students. Madam Lorna Davis, the board chairperson and president of Kraft Foods (China), said: “Kraft Foods has been making sustained efforts in China with the vision of ‘Make Today Delicious’. This Kraft Care School is just one of the projects representing our efforts in China. Two years have passed since the Wenchuan Earthquake, but the children here still need more care and love. This project is our humble contribution for the reconstruction of the disaster-hit area.”

Zhongjiang County is a typical large, populous agricultural county on hilly terrain in Sichuan. The County was listed by the National Council as one of the 51 counties severely affected by the “May 12th” Earthquake. The Kraft Care School of Lianhuayan Village is located around 7 km west of Changzhen Town, Taiping Countryside Area, Zhongjiang County, at the border of Zhongjiang County’s Xinglong Town and Jintang County of Chengdu City. Most students at the school come from Lianhuayan Village, Youyi Village, Dianping Village and Tonggou Village - all in the Taiping Countryside Area. Some of the other students are from Xinglong Town and Jinlong Countryside Area of Jintang County in Chengdu City. The school service covers the villages and towns in about a roughly 4 km-radius zone. “The school buildings were destroyed in the Earthquake, so the school has to operate under poor conditions by setting up board rooms on the original site, and renting villagers’ houses as temporary classrooms. Now the children from the villages are finally able to sit and have lessons comfortably in the spacious and bright classrooms.” said Shui Guoping, the headmaster of Kraft Care School, Lianhuayan Village. The newly constructed main building in the campus is a fully-framed, two-storey classroom building with 7-degree quakeproof engineering and 8-degree aseismatic security. There are currently 133 students in 5 classes and 7 employees in the school.

After a short opening ceremony, the students of Kraft Care School received “multiple and valuable” gifts brought by Kraft’s staff volunteers, such as books, sports kits, delicious Kraft food products and other presents. All these were donated by the staff of Kraft’s branches and factories throughout the country. The staff volunteers, used to sitting in an office chair, acted as the gift givers, and also racked their brains to design a series of interactive games for the children and imparted their knowledge of nutrition and health to the students. “Even though two years have passed since the Earthquake struck, the children here still need care and love. We come here today as Kraft’s volunteer representatives, and the gradually growing volunteer team behind us will stick to public benefit programs in the long run, and continuously deliver care and love to those in need.” The officer in charge of Kraft Hope Kitchen ommittee suggested turning Kraft Hope Kitchen Committee into a long-term volunteer organization to connect Kraft staff with various impoverished locations.

Kraft Hope Kitchen Committee came into existence with the “Kraft Hope Kitchen” Project jointly launched by Kraft Food (China) and China Youth Development Foundation, and was initiated by the backbone volunteers in various divisions inside the company. They organize and participate in social-beneficiary activities in their spare time. The Committee originally aimed at organizing Kraft Hope Kitchen volunteer activities for the inspection and implementation of the “Kraft Hope Kitchen Project”; now it has developed into the core team for the Chinese staff volunteers and CSR activities of Kraft Foods (China), responding actively to various demands for social assistance, including the disaster-relief work for the recent earthquake in the Yushu area, Qinghai Province and the continuous assistance for the reconstruction in the earthquake-hit areas of Sichuan. This trip to Kraft Care School is another "Journey of Love" initiated by the Kraft Hope Kitchen Committee.

After the devastating “May 12th” Wenchuan earthquake, Kraft Foods donated RMB 3 million Yuan of foods and 1 million Yuan right away to the earthquake-hit area in Sichuan. Later the company donated another 550,000 Yuan to build this Kraft Care School in Lianhuayan Village. The project started in May, 2009 and was completed in March, 2010. Madam Lorna Davis emphasized that “It takes long-term and sustained concern and effort to carry on the reconstruction work after the disaster.” She hopes this Kraft Care School be a new start for local children to lead a happy and enjoyable life of school learning.

About Kraft Foods

The combination of Kraft Foods and Cadbury creates a global powerhouse in snacks, confectionery and quick meals. With annual revenues of approximately $50 billion, the combined company is the world’s second largest food company, making delicious products for billions of consumers in more than 160 countries. The combined company's portfolio includes 11 iconic brands with revenues exceeding $1 billion – Oreo, Nabisco and LU biscuits; Milka and Cadbury chocolates; Trident gums; Jacobs and Maxwell House coffees; Philadelphia cream cheeses; Kraft cheeses, dinners and dressings; and Oscar Mayer meats. Another 70+ brands generate annual revenues of more than $100 million. Kraft Foods (; NYSE: KFT) is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor's 500, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Ethibel Sustainability Index.

About the "Kraft Hope Kitchen" Project

"Kraft Hope Kitchen" is a public-welfare, cooperative project jointly sponsored by Kraft Foods and the China Youth Development Foundation. This project aims to improve the diets of rural students, as well as strengthen the nutritional health awareness of rural teachers, kitchen staff and parents. "Kraft Hope Kitchen" Project was launched in 2009, 100 "Kraft Hope Kitchens" were established in 100 Hope Primary Schools in Anhui, Yunnan, Jilin, Hunan and Hebei Provinces each with a complete set of kitchen utensils, refrigerator, and disinfection cabinet. The project was set up as an open platform inviting the participation of Kraft’s business partners and philanthropists to provide Hope Schools with the culinary skills and nutritional knowledge they require. Moreover, Kraft Foods also donated Kraft products valued at RMB 1.25 million Yuan, which benefited more than 50,000 rural children aged from 6 to 12 years old.

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