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A More Nutritious and Delicious Winter for Rural Children

Kraft Foods & Yi Hai Kerry Group launch Kraft Hope Kitchen “nutritious snack”

(December 15, 2009 -- Dunhua City, Jilin Province, China)  Today, children in Daqiaoxiang Central Primary School in Dunhua City of Jilin Province enjoyed delicious “nutritious snack” in cold winter. China Youth Development Foundation and Kraft Foods, initiators of the Kraft Hope Kitchen Project, together with Yi Hai Kerry Group, visited the kitchen in the school and donated Kraft biscuit and Yi Hai Kerry soya milk powder. These brought a nutritious and delicious winter to the children.

The Kraft Hope Kitchen Project, initiated by China Youth Development Foundation and Kraft Foods China, was launched on 15 October. The first 100 kitchens are being built one after another in five provinces. “We not only let children in Hope School to learn, but also to dine,” CYDF Deputy Secretary Wang Min said. “Based on these 100 kitchens, we will improve and standardize our project through a series of activities. Our goal is to arouse the society’s awareness towards nutrition problem of rural pupils.”

After the launching of Kraft Hope Kitchen, Kraft Foods China immediately invited its business partners to join this community service. Yi Hai Kerry Group, one of the main suppliers of Kraft Foods, has first showed response to the invitation. The two parties planned to import the first shipment of nutrition resources – to provide 8000 children in 20 Hope Schools in Jilin with energy and protein-rich “nutritious snack” in the winter. They also provide training on nutrition and hygiene in order to improve the food standard of local children.

"This visit to Jilin is a meaningful try. It facilitate us to conclude the proposal and way of cooperation in Kraft Hope Kitchen project for future promotional use. Kraft Foods China Head of Public Affairs Che Fei said. “Kraft Foods hopes to turn Kraft Hope Kitchen to an open community service platform with CYDF. We want to gather more and more enterprises and individuals, who are keen on taking part in community services, to bring more delicious and nutritious food to rural pupils.” Yi Hai Kerry Group’s subsidiary, Feng Yi (Jiamusi) Foods Ltd deputy general manager Gao Xu said this first-time cooperation with Kraft Foods is a successful one. “In fact, Yi Hai Kerry Group has been thinking of providing nutrition to rural children in the past few years. Now Kraft Foods take the initiative to launch this project which allows us to make our dream comes true," he said.

On the event, CYDF Deputy Secretary Wang Min, Communist Youth League of China Jilin Deputy Secretary Wu Hongtao, Jilin Youth Development Foundation Chairman Qu Guomin, Yi Hai Kerry Group Subsidiary Feng Yi (Jiamusi) Foods Ltd Deputy General Manager Guo Xu, Kraft Foods China Head of Public Affairs Che Fei and employer volunteers of both party first visited the new kitchen in Daqiaoxiang Central Primary School. Tidily dressed workers were using new cooking stoves, utensil, refrigerator and sanitizing system to prepare lunch for pupils. Posters of “Kitchen Hygienic Standard” and “Chinese Residents Nutrition Food Pyramid” were clearly seen on the kitchen wall. All the supervisors, staff and of the canteens and teachers of 20 Jinlin Hope Schools received professional trainings in Changchun in December. These include nutrition and youth dining, hygiene knowledge in kitchens and management of Kraft Hope Kitchen. They need to acquire these in order to serve the pupils.

After the visit, Ms Wan Min, Mr Qu Guomin, Ms Che Fei and Mr Gao Xu hung the Kraft Hope Kitchen plaque on the kitchen wall and announced officially the completion of the kitchen in Daqiaoxiang Central Primary School. Ms Che Fei and Mr Gao Xu, represented Kraft Foods and Yi Hai Kerry Group respectively, entered the dining hall and distributed delicious biscuits and hot soy milk to all pupils in the school and led them to enjoy the “nutritious snack”. Employer volunteers coming from both companies then shared delicious food, delicious experience and practical nutrition and hygiene knowledge with the pupils. After the interactive session, guests followed the local custom and finished an ice carving of a miniature kitchen with the pupils. The harmonious scene brought warmth to the campus in winter. At eleven o’clock, guests enjoyed lunch prepared by Kraft Hope Kitchen with all pupils. Pupils said that the meal was cleaner and tastier than before.

As the global leading food and beverage company, Kraft Foods uses “A more delicious today” as company’s vision. This does not only implies providing delicious foods and delicious experience, but also a hope of feeding back the society. This social responsibility and contribution has become an important integral part of Kraft Foods culture. As one of the suppliers of Kraft Foods China, Yi Hai Kerry Group has long been fulfilling social responsibility, as an important mission of the corporate development. From participating in “City Plan” in 2004 to participating Kraft Hope Kitchen today, Yi Hai Kerry Group has been focusing on the growth of the underprivileged children.

About Kraft Hope Kitchen Project

Kraft Hope Kitchen is a community project launched jointly by the global leading food and beverage company Kraft Foods and China Youth Development Foundation. It aims at improving the nutrition level of rural children and nutrition knowledge of rural teachers, kitchen staff and parents. Kraft Hope Kitchen project plans to build 100 Kraft Hope Kitchens in 100 Hope Schools in five provinces including Anhui, Yunnan, Jilin, Hunan and Hebei by the end of 2009. It also provides each standard kitchen with a set of cookware, refrigerators, sanitizing system, and nutrition knowledge and operation directory. More importantly, both parties will hire volunteers from Kraft Foods staff members and all sectors of the society to provide cooking, nutrition and hygiene knowledge training to rural schools teachers. It is hoped that Hope Schools can develop sustainably by improving nutrition and hygiene knowledge. Moreover, Kraft Foods will also donate Kraft Biscuits which value 1.25 million RMB to 50,000 rural students aged 6-12, who benefited from Kraft Hope Kitchens, to share the delicious food from Kraft.

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