our progress

our progress

At Mondelēz International, we’re focusing on areas where we can have a significant impact on global societal issues. It’s about making a positive change in the world – for people and the planet. We don’t have all the answers, so we partner with experts who can help us figure out innovative ways to make a difference. And we’re committed to being open about the challenges we’re facing and transparently reporting on the progress we’re making.

We invite you to check out our 2016 Impact For Growth Progress Report. It details important steps we have taken to meet key metrics in the areas of Well-being Snacks, Sustainability, Communities and Safety. Or you can browse our Impact For Growth At-a-Glance Summary.

Grow Our Impact Governance

We take a comprehensive approach to growing our impact, integrating our throughout our business processes. Our CEO is engaged in the review and our progress of our Grow our Impact strategy in conjunction with our Board of Directors Committee - responsible for overseeing public affairs.

To guide our Grow our Impact strategies, we established a Well-being Steering Committee that has oversight from our Chief Growth Officer and is co-chaired by our Chief R&D & Nutrition Officer, and Vice President of Global Well-being & Sustainability. The team sets the direction of our global well-being snacks business strategy. Members include global category presidents and Executive VP & Region President, as well as senior representatives from R&D and Nutrition, Strategy, Marketing, Consumer Insights, Government & Public Affairs, Supply Chain and Regulatory Affairs.

Materiality and the Impact For Growth

At Mondelēz International, building positive impact for people and our planet is at the core of who we are and accelerates our company’s growth. We call this, simply, Impact For Growth – our commitment to driving business growth with positive change in the world.

We know that our company’s future is rooted in helping people snack in balance and enjoy life with products that are safely and sustainably sourced, produced, and delivered. To realize this purpose, we empower the well-being of our colleagues, communities, farmers, and consumers while making smart and sustainable use of natural resources to reduce our environmental footprint.

Above all, authenticity, integrity, and transparency guide us in every aspect of our business to create meaningful, lasting impact – for people and our planet.

Impact For Growth supports one of our three business’ growth strategies - Grow Our Impact. The platform focuses our actions on delivering positive impact against two pillars of people and planet. Our core programs and initiatives holistically cut across both those areas as the challenges facing people and planet are inter-related; so the solutions must be as well. That’s why we use our global scale and focus where we can make the biggest difference in the areas of well-being snacks, sustainability, communities and safety.

Impact For Growth and the four areas of action define our concept of materiality for social and environmental purposes and provide the framework for our reporting.

As the world’s largest snack company, our global reach and leadership position enables us to bring together diverse voices and identify new ideas to drive meaningful change on issues central to our business and our world.

Since 2012, we have sat down with internal and external experts to review the impact of major societal issues on our business and to shape our strategic responses to them.

This included representatives from our internal Global Growth Council and Well-being Steering Committee, as well as from our region business units and global functions. External experts included World Wildlife Fund, Quantis and various socially responsible investment groups. In addition, we considered perspectives from our ongoing stakeholder engagement, as well as participation in various shareholder indice.

Materials and process that guided our assessment included our robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process for identifying, measuring, monitoring, and managing risks; external analysis of stakeholder and regulatory issues; ; the greenhouse gas, land and water footprint of our total company; proprietary consumer insight data; and publicly available data on societal issues including statistics and reports from authorities, NGOs and peer companies.

In 2015, we reviewed our sustainability strategy and set new environmental footprint goals for 2020. As part of this process, we confirmed our assessment of our top environmental issues.

Based on assessment, below are the top environmental* and social issues.

  • Consumer well-being — promote improved health and well-being through portfolio enhancements and community partnerships
  • Supply security of key agricultural commodities and social challenges in supply chain
  • Environmental footprint of agriculture and our operations
  • Safety of our people and products

*We refer to our major environmental challenges collectively as the sustainability of resources and agriculture.

Corporate Governance and Responsibility

We have created documents that summarize our approach on compliance and governance, as well as corporate social responsibility expectations we set for ourselves and our suppliers. We encourage you to read them to learn more about our approach.