community partnerships

community partnerships

At Mondelēz International, our path to positive impact begins by collaborating with communities. Our experience shows we can make a greater impact by collaborating with organizations who share our passion to promote active, healthy lifestyles.

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The path to community well-being begins by fostering environments that help children and families adopt life-long healthy habits. This is critically important as the World Health Organization and other health authorities recognize the serious public health challenges related to childhood obesity.

More than 2.2 billion people are overweight or obese worldwide. So we’re empowering voices from around the globe – working with consumers, companies, governments and leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – to amplify their ideas and bring them to life. We also know that bringing those ideas to life takes time. That’s why we’re in this for the long term. And through our Mondelēz International Foundation, we’re ramping up our efforts to empower families and communities to lead healthier lives. We’re proud to invest $50 million USD over multi-years in a three-pronged proven approach to combat obesity: nutrition education, promoting active play and providing access to fresh foods.

We accomplish this in three ways:

  • Invest in community programs promote active, healthy lifestyles to help improve the lives of children and their families around the world.
  • Provide humanitarian aid through cash and product when disaster strikes.
  • Inspire our colleagues to make a positive impact.
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To make the biggest impact possible, we work with leading NGOs, such as INMED Partnerships for Children in Brazil and South Africa, Save the Children in Australia, India and Mexico, CARE in Egypt and Klasse 2000 in Germany, as well as Helen Keller International in Nigeria and China Youth Development Foundation.

Community Partners