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History of Uguan

Uguan is originated from Danone plain biscuits and sandwich biscuits. It was launched in China in 1998, and has been a leader among sweet plain biscuits and sweet sandwich biscuits in the market. Uguan uses real milk as its main ingredient and has a unique Golden 10 nutrition formula. Fortified with 10 essential vitamins and minerals that help kids' healthy growth, Uguan has won the trust and popularity of both kids and mothers.



Uguan in China

In China, Uguan has launched several new products to cater to kids’ needs. The mini Uguan (launched in 2011) and the Uguan purple-sweet-potato flavored soft biscuits (launched in 2012) have adopted special technique to give the products perfect soft taste. The mini Uguan allows kids to take one at a time and which has become a popular choice.



Uguan Products