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History of Ritz

In 1934, Ritz crackers were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Three years after Ritz's introduction to the US market, it became one of the most popular savory cracker brands,with a daily sales volume of 29 million pieces.

The cracker was called "Ritz" because it brought to mind the same glamorous, classy feeling as the word "Ritzy", and it was also a homonym with Ritz-Carlton, a top-class hotel in New York at that time. Compared with the then popular milk white square soda crackers, Ritz crackers give off a golden luster with its butter texture. Its circular shape with a serrated edge shows its elegance and uniqueness.



Ritz in China

Since its launch in China in 1988, Ritz crackers have quickly become one of the top biscuit brands in China. Ritz is an old friend, a snack which makes you reminisce about great memories and fun times. A world with Ritz is one where spirits are lifted by that light, buttery, one-of-a-kind taste. It’s so easy to enjoy Ritz. Whoever, whenever and wherever, just Ritz it up!


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