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History of Pacific

Pacific Soda can be traced back to 1892, when digestive crackers were firstly introduced in UK. Chinese consumers began to know Pacific Soda in 1989, when it was launched in Hong Kong. Now Pacific Soda is a leading brand in soda biscuits in China.

The secret of Pacific Soda's unique taste, crispy texture and lingering aroma lies in the 12-hour full fermentation of high grade wheat flour and baking process. It offers light taste, not oily and easy to digest crackers. These strong healthy attributes typically attract consumers of different ages. And it just tastes better with multi textures and flavors and you enjoy it more when you consume it with jam, fruits and vegetables.



Pacific in China

Following Kraft Foods' acquisition of Danone biscuits in 2008, Pacific 3-Layer High-Calcium Soda (the original Danone 3-Layer High-Calcium Soda) joined in the Pacific Brand family in 2009. With its special, visible "vita-cal layer" rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D, the crackers are good for bones health. It has four classic flavors: onion, saltine, seaweed and sesame.



Pacific Products