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History of OREO

Born in 1912 in New York, US, OREO is the world's bestselling cookie with annual revenue of USD 1.5 billion. With its black embossed-pattern chocolate cookies and white cream filling, OREO has become the overwhelmingly leading brand. The classic "Twist Lick Dunk" ritual is widely known among consumers, creating numerous heart-warming and touching “OREO moments”. In 2012, OREO fans from all over the world sent their birthday wishes to celebrate the 100th anniversary of OREO in their ways.



OREO in China

OREO came to China in 1996 and currently China has become the second largest OREO market globally. OREO has been launching new flavors and products to cater to the needs of Chinese consumers, such as Golden OREO, OREO-Soft, and OREO Birthday Cake Flavor, etc.


OREO Anecdotes

  • OREO was born on March 6, 1912, the same year when the Antarctica was discovered. In 2012, OREO fans across the world celebrated the 100th anniversary of OREO.
  • The first OREO cookie was sold in New Jersey, where OREO was originally packaged in bulk tins and sold by weight at a price of USD 30 cents/lb.
  • OREO has a street named after it which locates at the 9th & 10th Avenues in New York City where the first OREO cookie was made at the original Nabisco Bakery.
  • As of year 2000, over 362 billion Oreo cookies have been sold. If the above is sequenced, it is enough to have 6 round-trip from earth to moon.
  • 50% of all OREO eaters pull apart their cookies before eating, with woman twisting them open more often than men.


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