Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy!

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History of Chips Ahoy!

Introduced in 1963, Chips Ahoy! is one of the world's favorite cookies baked with chocolate chips into every bite. The combination of tasty chocolate beans in crisp buttery cookies is consumers’ favorite. Chips Ahoy! introduced witty, lively, and funny cartoon characters, Cookie Guys, as the spokespersons and have successfully gained consumers’ hearts. The five Cookie Guys are Chips Ahoy!-Chipper, Chips Ahoy!-Soft, Chips Ahoy!-Stroppy, Chips Ahoy!-Chunky and Chips Ahoy! - Cheeky.

Chips Ahoy! in China

Chips Ahoy! was launched in China in 1998. It has become a popular cookie brand and continues to surprise consumers with new flavors, textures, and sizes such as soft cookies, mini cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.


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