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  • belvita


    belVita Breakfast, a range of biscuits specially designed for breakfast. It is delicious crunchy biscuits made with five wholegrain and fruits & nuts granules, are rich in cereals, a source of fibre and Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Calcium. They are shown to slowly release carbohydrates, delivering vitality for the morning. belVita Breakfast is designed to provide a nutritious, tasty and convenient breakfast alternative that fits with people’s busy lifestyles.

    Markets: China

  • Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy!

    Chips Ahoy! cookies are packed with chocolate chips baked into every bite. They're available in original, chewy, chunky, candy blasts and reduced-fat varieties.

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    Markets: Brazil, Canada, China, Ecuador, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Thailand, United States, Venezuela

  • Choclairs

    Mondelēz India Foods Limited (Formerly Cadbury India Ltd.) introduced the legendary Éclairs in 1971. In 2013 it was rechristened as Cadbury Choclairs to ensure that the name of the legendary candy remained consistent globally.

    Cadbury Choclairs can take you on a delicious journey through a layer of pure caramel to a heart of rich Cadbury chocolate.

    This candy anomaly so caught at everyone's hearts that Mondelēz India Foods Limited (Formerly Cadbury India Ltd.) launched it in 2009 with an added gush of liquid chocolate encased in its soft caramel and it was announced as a bomb of sweetness (chocolate ka meetha bomb) to the world. In 2010, we launched Cadbury Éclairs Rich Brownie, a premium Éclairs with smooth brownie flavor enveloped in delicious caramel.

    Forever innovating the product to appeal to consumer’s changing tastes and preferences, in 2013, the brand underwent a positive transformation and became less sticky than before. This product relaunch was accompanied by the change in the brand name to Cadbury Choclairs , thus making Choclairs the candy that sticks to your mind and not to your teeth.

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    Markets: China, India, Malaysia

  • Halls


    Halls accounts for more than 50 percent of cough-drop sales worldwide and is the leading sugar confectionery brand in the world. In the northern hemisphere, Halls is sold as a cold relief product. In hotter and drier countries, however, Halls is used as a refreshing candy. Halls products are available in more than 26 flavors.

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    Markets: Brazil, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, United States

  • LU China


    Originated in 1846, LU biscuits have become a well-known brand in France with a history of 170 years. In the past, Mondelēz China has introduced some imported LU products to Chinese consumers, including LU Chocolate Biscuits and Sweet Biscuits. The LU brand officially launched in China in October 2016, and the products were put on shelves with a Chinese name called Luyi. As one of the company’s premium biscuit brands, LU has a classic combination of butter and chocolate, with different flavors and unique shapes presented.

    Market: China

  • Milka China


    Milka chocolate, which originated in the Alpine area in the Europe in 1901, is an iconic brand among Mondelez’s global chocolate portfolio. Over 100 years, Milka has become globally renowned for its soft and tender taste, as well as its lilac brand ambassador — Lila the milk cow -- and its unique lilac packaging. Milka insisted using pure milk from the Alpine region and it is this special ingredient that gives the chocolate its soft and tender taste. The innovative packaging also aims at encouraging sharing and is intended to convey tenderness to the world.

    Market: China

  • Oreo


    Oreo, milk’s favorite cookie, was first introduced in 1912, and now this creme-filled sandwich cookie is a favorite of consumers around the globe.  Today, Oreo is available in many flavors and varieties, such as chocolate covered, wafers, pie crusts and soft snack cakes.

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    Markets: Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela

  • Pacific


    Pacific Soda can be traced back to 1892, when digestive crackers were firstly introduced in UK. Chinese consumers began to know Pacific Soda in 1989, when it was launched in Hong Kong. Now Pacific Soda is a leading brand in soda biscuits in China.

    The secret of Pacific Soda's unique taste, crispy texture and lingering aroma lies in the 12-hour full fermentation of high grade wheat flour and baking process. It offers light taste, not oily and easy to digest crackers. These strong healthy attributes typically attract consumers of different ages. And it just tastes better with multi textures and flavors and you enjoy it more when you consume it with jam, fruits and vegetables.

  • Prince


    Prince biscuits are crisp, delicious cookies available in more than eight countries, including Algeria, Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. Truly a royal treat, Prince biscuits come in crème-filled sandwiches, rolls and chocolate-covered varieties.

  • Ritz


    Ritz crackers have a one-of-kind, buttery, flaky taste and will melt in your mouth. They're perfect topped with cheese or peanut butter, in soups or enjoyed all by themselves.

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    Markets: Australia, Canada, China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

  • Stride


    Stride Gum was launched in 2006 to give gum chewers a fun, unique and long lasting chewing experience. Stride comes in the following flavors: Spearmint, Sweet Peppermint, Winterblue, Nonstop Mint, Whitemint, Mintacular, Spark Kinetic Mint, Spark Kinetic Fruit and Fearless Fruit.

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  • Tang


    Tang, available in more than 30 countries, is the leading brand in our powdered beverage portfolio. This fresh, fruit-flavored drink is available in a variety of flavors -- based on local consumers’ preferences -- and is fortified with minerals and vitamins. It is available both as a powdered beverage and in ready-to-drink bottles.

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    Markets: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Venezuela

  • Trident China


    Trident is a great chewing gum brand with history dating back to 1959. It was the world’s first sugar-free gum. For years, Trident was promoted with the slogan, "Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum". Trident has been a huge success in multiple countries and regions over the years, and one of the important factors behind its success has been innovation. Trident has constantly met consumers' changing needs in different periods through its strong innovation capability.

    Now Trident has come to China, where its name is "清至" (qing zhi), and it is bringing Chinese consumers a brand-new gum experience. Meeting Chinese consumer’s demand for "clean & fresh" in gum category, Trident has been tailored for the Chinese market and has three key selling points:

    • Superior taste.
    • Stylish packaging.
    • Unique flavor sparks clean & fresh feeling

    Markets: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, United States, China

  • Tuc


    TUC biscuits history begins in 1958 in Belgium. Mr. Parein, who owned a small confectionery company in Belgium, decided to visit the U.S. to learn the secret of America’s delicious lightly salted crackers. While returning to his native Belgium, Mr. Parein was already considering possible names for a new cracker product he would produce. It’s said he decided to use the initials T.U.C. after seeing the name "Trade Union Corporation" in a newspaper. TUC biscuits are rich in grains and are baked, rather than fried – and their light and crispy texture lends a unique taste.

    Markets: European Union, Eastern Europe, China, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Egypt, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

  • Uguan


    Uguan is originated from Danone plain biscuits and sandwich biscuits. It was launched in China in 1998, and has been a leader among sweet plain biscuits and sweet sandwich biscuits in the market. Uguan uses real milk as its main ingredient and has a unique Golden 10 nutrition formula. Fortified with 10 essential vitamins and minerals that help kids' healthy growth, Uguan has won the trust and popularity of both kids and mothers.

    In China, Uguan has launched several new products to cater to kids’ needs. The mini Uguan (launched in 2011) and the Uguan purple-sweet-potato flavored soft biscuits (launched in 2012) have adopted special technique to give the products perfect soft taste. The mini Uguan allows kids to take one at a time and which has become a popular choice.