Empower through our Portfolio

Empower through our Portfolio

Our approach is to create foods that fit the way people eat today - to bring joy to those small eating moments.  We’re dedicated to helping people and their families make better choices by creating new solutions and improving our portfolio’s nutrition profile.   

We take seriously the nutrition responsibility that comes with being the world’s largest snack company.  To help people make mindful snack choices, we have taken a comprehensive approach focused on three distinct areas: 

  • Improve the nutrition profile of current portfolio, by setting global targets to reduce sodium and saturated fat and increasing whole grains.
  • Increase portion control offerings individually wrapped products that are 200 calories or less - to help consumers manage calories and be mindful of portions.
  • Grow our Better Choices offering in our portfolio - products that provide a better choice compared to existing alternatives.  These products meet a stricter nutrition criteria.

Our approach is in line with World Health Organization’s recommendations on tackling obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. 

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Improving our nutrition profile

While we’re experts in taste, we're also experts in the nutritional science behind our products.  We constantly evaluate our portfolio and look for ways to improve their nutrition.  Here’s just a sample of our efforts to date: 

  • Reducing sodium:  In North America, from 2010-2012 we took out 1 million pounds of sodium (about 193 million teaspoons of salt) from our products. In Latin America we’ve reduced sodium in our biscuits by nearly 10% and by 19% in our cheeses.
  • Cutting out the fat: Since 2007, the total fat and saturated fat in the Prince Biscuit have been reduced respectively by 15% and 45% in Europe keeping the same delicious taste.  We have also greatly reduced - and in most cases eliminated - trans fats from our products worldwide.
  • Closing the Whole Grain Gap:  In the EU, we offer over 150 whole grain biscuits, delivering 17,000 tonnes of whole grain ingredients.  In the US, our portfolio provides 5.5 billion servings of whole grain.

Going forward, we plan to reduce sodium and saturated fat by an average of 10 percent; and increase whole grains by an average of 25 percent across our global portfolio by 2020 (from a 2012 baseline).

Offering more portion control

 Experts agree that managing portions can help people manage their calories.  We also know that people still want to enjoy a treat every now and then. 

 So to help people enjoy their snacks – but be mindful of their calories – we plan to offer more satisfying, portioned controlled snacks.  By 2020, our goal is to expand by 25 percent our portion control options that are individually wrapped and are less than 200 calories.

Increasing our Better Choices

 We know people are looking for wholesome snacking options.  So our approach is simple:  create balanced snack choices that fit the way people eat today.  Snacks that are a better choice compared to existing alternatives – ones that still deliver on taste but meet people’s unique nutritional needs.

That's why we're looking to increase our Better Choice options. These are products that meet stricter nutrition profile compared to existing alternatives. Our goal: to have 25 percent of our revenue come from Better Choice products by 2020.

With great products already in market like Belvita, Trident and Barni, as well as new ones being developed, we're making progress towards our intended goal.