Mondelez International seizes opportunities under the “New Normal” of COVID-19 and showcases “Snacking Made Right” at CIIE | 2020 Press Releases | China | Mondelez International, Inc.

Mondelez International seizes opportunities under the “New Normal” of COVID-19 and showcases “Snacking Made Right” at CIIE

  • Mondelez seeks to accelerate consumer-centric growth by addressing the new trends and new needs under the “New Normal” of COVID-19
  • Mondelez’s local-first strategy is seamlessly connected with China's “dual circulation” strategy
  • Based on its insights about the needs and trends in the consumer market, Mondelez launched its new black sugar-free chewing gum to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Stride in China

Shanghai, November 6, 2020– Mondelez International attended the China International Import Expo (CIIE) for the third consecutive time, exhibiting 120+ products and showcasing its accomplishments in promoting people’s well-being, sustainability, and packaging innovation. With the focus on "Snacking Made Right”, Mondelez brands in four categories — Biscuits, Gum&Candy, Chocolates, and Beverages —were the stars at its colorful and playful booth. Many of the brands such as Oreo, Stride, Ritz, Cadbury, and Tang, are already favorites of Chinese consumers, but there were also imported brands such as Toblerone, Côte d'Or, belVita, and LU, which are loved by global consumers.

President of Mondelez Greater China Joost Vlaanderen said: “Adhering to its consumer-centric philosophy, Mondelez is keeping a close watch on the new trends and new needs for snacking under the New Normal of COVID-19. We found that consumers are shopping more frequently online this year, there is a growing demand for healthy snacking, and consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of products. As such, about 60% of our exhibits at this year's CIIE highlighted our ‘Snacking Made Right’ philosophy in terms of their benefits for people's well-being, portion control, sustainable ingredient supplies, packaging innovation, and how they can inspire mindful snacking. We want to empower people to snack right by understanding and meeting their needs.”

“Snacking Made Right”: Addressing the needs of consumers under the "New Normal"of COVID-19

Mondelez’s booth at this year's CIIE is a feast for the eyes, and every product is an eye-opener. When it comes to people's well-being, there is the low-GI cereal biscuit belVita and the no-added sugar healthy chocolate drink for women BournVita, which contains 13 vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy bones and iron intake, as well as Cadbury chocolate with 30% less sugar, which made its debut in China. When it comes to acceptable daily intake, most Mondelez products have adopted portion control. Besides, Tiger biscuits bearing the “Mindful Snacking“ label and a website in Chinese interpreting this also featured at the CIIE, to help Chinese consumers enjoy snacking with an acceptable daily intake. Displaying its commitment to sustainability, Mondelez exhibited Cadbury Energy Chocolate, which is the world's first chocolate product to use 100% recyclable packaging. It represents a major step toward Mondelez’s goal of achieving 100% recyclable packaging for all its products. In addition, the biscuit brand LU and the chocolate brand Côte d'Or, which use sustainable ingredients sourced through the company's signature programs Cocoa Life and Harmony Wheat, also featured at this year's CIIE.

Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International, expressed his congratulations to the opening of the CIIE via video. “In spite of COVID-19, Mondelez China still achieved growth in the first three quarters of this year, which has further increased our confidence in the China market,” he said. “Mondelez adheres to a local-first strategy, and it has put in place a closed-loop in the local market. Ranging from the supply chain and manufacturing to R&D and marketing, it enables us get closer to local consumers and quickly respond to their new demands while seamlessly leveraging Mondelez's global resources and advantages. We'll continue to play an active role in China, especially in the country’s new ‘dual circulation’ pattern, to empower more Chinese people to snack right.”

Celebrating the eighth anniversary of Stride in China with the launch of a new sugar-free black chewing gum

During the CIIE, Mondelez launched its new Stride Charcoal sugar-free chewing gum, the first of its kind in the history of Stride, which attracted many visitors. The Stride Charcoal comes in two flavors — refreshing mint and icy lemon, both of which deliver lasting and refreshing enjoyment for the taste buds.

Stride was launched in China in 2012. By accurately analyzing the needs and trends of local consumers, and by launching successful marketing campaigns and developing flavors loved by locals, Mondelez has made Stride one of the chewing gum brands most loved by young people in China. This year marks the eighth anniversary of Stride in China. According to a report by Nielsen, the market share of Stride has been growing over the past eight years, and currently it is No.2 in China's chewing gum market. Taking advantage of the growth of e-commerce this year, Stride rose to No.1 in the gum category on Tmall. During the CIIE, Mondelez donated 6,000 boxes of Stride sugar-free chewing gum of various flavors, including the new black gum, as well as 6,000 boxes of the Tang OOC powdered drink to the CIIE voluneers who have to wear masks at work, providing them with refreshing and relaxed moments to reduce their stress and fatigue from working long hours.