Compliance and Integrity

Compliance and Integrity

A Commitment to Operate in Legal Compliance and with Integrity

Our global compliance and integrity program helps guide our employees to obey all applicable laws and regulations while conducting business around the world. It also emphasizes how important it is for us to act with integrity and make ethical decisions for our business, our shareholders, our employees and our consumers, because their trust and confidence is critical to our success.

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Code of Conduct

This is the Code of Conduct for Mondelēz International. It contains important rules we all must follow as we do business, and it describes the values that will guide us in our decisions. By complying with this Code, we will enhance not only the integrity of Mondelēz International, but also its financial performance.

Rule 1:Make food that is safe to eat.
Rule 2:Market responsibly.
Rule 3:Treat people fairly.
Rule 4:Respect the free market.
Rule 5:Compete fairly.
Rule 6:Respect the environment
Rule 7:Deal honestly with the government
Rule 8:Keep honest books and records
Rule 9:Never trade on inside information.
Rule 10:Give Mondelēz International your complete business loyalty.

Actions  speak louder than words, at Mondelēz International:

  • We inspire trust.
  • We act like owners.
  • We keep it simple.
  • We are open and inclusive.
  • We tell it like it is.
  • We lead from the head and the heart.
  • We discuss. We decide. We deliver.

Human Rights

Everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity. It’s a basic human right. And we believe there is a role for everyone to play in preserving that right – from governments and non-governmental organizations to civil society and the private sector. We created three documents Mondelēz International Statement on Human Rights,Mondelēz International Corporate Responsibility Guidelines and Corporate Responsibility Expectations for Direct Suppliers,that summarize our approach to human rights and the corporate social responsibility expectations we set for ourselves and our suppliers.